14 October 2012
 Posted by maria

Engagement party

Settignano (Lorenza’s parents house)
It has only been a few hours since the wedding has been officially announced and all of a sudden Lorenza’s parents, riding on the wave of enthusiasm, have decided to call one of their usual Sunday lunches at their place an “engagement party”.
With their new adopted dog, friends of both the brides and parents with their children, we celebrated the future event with delicious dishes, sharing laughter and joyful memories of past marriages.
Some of the best moments of the days were picking the bridesmaids and hearing our first fashion recommendations from the newly elected wedding stylist, Caterina from Siena.

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  1. Cinzia Reply

    i crisantemi in testa li trovo di un decadente tale che persino D’Annunzio ,credo, che non avrebbe osato chiederlo alla Duse…..continuate così che poi ci faccio un libro!!!

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