1 October 2012

Why this blog

Ingrid and Lorenza are getting married in six months, on the 21st of June 2013, […]

5 October 2012

First comment

The comment of a mother who had long been frustrated by the impossibility of arr […]

13 October 2012

Wedding announcement

The first memory I have of Lorenza’s parents is from when I saw them in th […]

14 October 2012

Engagement party

Settignano (Lorenza’s parents house)
It has only been a few hours since […]

15 October 2012

At Lorenza’s office: wedding announcement

A few days ago, Lorenza met me (Nicola) in secret and told me the good news: in […]

20 October 2012


Ingrid and Lorenza hold music events in their living room on a month […]

26 October 2012

Meeting for booking the wedding

Organizing a wedding is not the easiest thing to do and some of our friends have […]

30 October 2012

Ready for the wedding reckon!

our train is late … we are going to Rome to catch a plane to G […]