1 February 2013

Rio Mezzanino’s gig

Rio Mezzanino are dear friends of ours who have founded their band on their grea […]

2 February 2013

Francia said yes!

How about the new French law on homosexual marriages? We’re extatic because Fr […]

6 February 2013

Two princesses can’t get married

This is to show that children really say it like it is… Isabella is my lit […]

7 February 2013

The wedding bands, everything shines thanks to Ori

Our dear stylist meets up with Ori, a notorius personality of the Sant’Ambrogi […]

11 February 2013

A piano player ‘s charm

I remember when we had our first lunch, we were eating a boiling dish of ramen w […]

14 February 2013

The cookies are almost finished…

Unfortunately the cookies are almost finished and I’ve been taught that they s […]

19 February 2013

A weekend in Garfagnana

This summer Lorenza’s dad decided to give us a little trip on the lovely Garfa […]

21 February 2013

You can leave your hat on…

Here we are, all dressed up and ready to go… Well, almost. Last saturday w […]