3 April 2013

Office of vital statistics, certificates and lateness – Comprehensive guide

This second part is a brief guide on how to correctly obtain a certificate of ma […]

6 April 2013

Spring Party – 21 marzo 2013 – avvio del crowdfunding Lei disse Sì

6 April 2013

She Said Yes + Rio Mezzanino at the Rossi Aperto theater

Ingrid and Lorenza’s first official visit to Pisa, where they’re going to pr […]

10 April 2013

Making dinner for our stylists

Caterina and Matteo aren’t really stylists. They’re fashion designers. But e […]

17 April 2013

Style lessons – the wedding gowns

Our dinner with the stylists was a real treat and a lesson on style and good tas […]

25 April 2013

If you want to get married in Sweden, you’ve got to draw up all the documents

We’ve been so busy with all the things that have been going on surrounding […]