She can be grouchy sometimes but underneath it all she is a sweet heart. She’s been in a relationship with Ingrid for the past 7 years, and Ingrid stands her and supports her in spite of her flaws… She has studied conflict mediation and now it’s her job, that’s why she can’t live in peace unless she know everyone surrounding her is in perfect harmony. She and Ingrid host many meals and concerts at their home, one of her passions is to get all their friends together and enjoy a nice evening with them… She played basketball for several years before turning to volleyball, but that hasn’t proved to be a very good decision since she’s pretty bad at it. She would like to have a dog (but she hasn’t told Ingrid since if she did she’s probably find one on her door step the next day).


She has a Swedish passport but she was born in Florence and raised in Rifredi. She was brought up to strictly believe in two things: religion and the piano. Architecture is her labor of love, she has a true talent for cooking and nowadays she teaches visual design and communication. She injects enthusiasm into everything she does and she tends to fly too high, that’s why she’s grateful to Lorenza for getting her to keep her feet on the ground. She would’ve liked to get a proper wedding proposal, with the diamong ring, the kneeling and all, but she hasn’t given up hope, and she still hopes it’ll happen on their silver wedding anniversary.


Maria has been friends with Lorenza for a long time, and friends with Ingrid for longer than she can remember. She’s an artist and she works on contemporary and performarce art, social practice and relational art. Her work is a mixture of sensitivity, wit and civil responsability, so she felt close to Ingrid and Lorenza right away and she knew she had to sustain their marriage not only as a celebration of love but also as a chance to get people to look at our society in a sincere and ironic way. Her secret wishes are the gift of ubiquity and a time machine.